All Parts For Fans

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2.All Parts For Fans

As we all know, a fan includes the fan mask、fan leaf(blades)、fan rear cover、electric machinery、telescopic pipe and button,some fans may have the remote control.

Every parts also have the important function.The following points must be noted in order to reduce low noise during use.
System impedance: air flow resistance will cause the flow of air noise generation.
The turbulence of air flow: the turbulence of air caused by the poor design of the flow channel will have high frequency noise, if the flow channel is not improved it is difficult to improve the quality.
Fan speed and size: the faster the fan speed the better the cooling effect, the larger the size of the fan the greater the air volume, the better the cooling effect. The higher the speed of the fan, the higher the noise, and the larger the size, the higher the noise.
The rise of temperature: The temperature difference decreases when the temperature rises, then the cooling effect decreases.
Vibration: Vibration will cause the noise of the fan to rise, reduce the life span as well as reduce the speed.
Voltage fluctuations: Voltage fluctuations can cause changes in fan speed, making the work unstable and generating additional noise.
Design considerations: Some other design requirements must also be taken into account to ensure the cooling effect.
(1) The distance of the fan into the wind: 3-5mm distance is the most basic point
3mm – the fan’s efficiency is 80%
4mm – the fan’s efficiency is 90%
5 mm – the fan’s performance is 100%
(2) Different air inlet and outlet will cause a great change in airflow resistance, of course, the larger the opening of the inlet and outlet, the better.
(3) Do not place blocking objects (such as chips and interfaces, etc.) near the air inlet of the fan, otherwise the air flow of the fan will be reduced.
(4) It is better to use rubber to fix the fan rather than metal screws, which can avoid vibration.
(5) Space design of the fan. For the efficiency of the fan, noise, must ensure that the distance between the fan blade and the fan casing is 5 to 10 mm. the fan blade must be close to Tongue to obtain better efficiency.